Booya Bash

The 25th Annual Evergreen Shores Neighborhood Booya Bash is scheduled for Sunday, Oct 12 from 1 PM to 5 PM.  The booya takes place behind the houses at 412 and 420 Bucher Ave.  This year the rock band Nando Bando will be performing live.

The cost for the booya is $12 for an individual, $22 for a couple and $25 per family. Hot dogs, chips, beer, pop, water and cider will be provided.  Want leftovers?  Starting at 5 PM you can fill your quart container for $5.  Bring a dish to share and meet new neighbors and visit with old friends as we close out summer.  Everyone is welcome.

Fish Stocking

We were finally able to coordinate with the fish stocker. We bought about 400 bass ranging from 3 to 5 inches. Most were large mouth bass but there were some small mouth bass and sunfish included. The bass should start spawning in 2016. We plan on stocking more fish next spring. Hopefully we will not have another winter kill and our ponds can become a great place to fish again. Please remember to “catch and release” so others can enjoy fishing for fun in our ponds.