Notice sent out from the City of Shoreview:

Storm drains in Shoreview drain to our local lakes. A new program, Adopt-a-Drain, asks residents to adopt a drain in their neighborhood and commit to keeping it clear of leaves and other debris to reduce water pollution.

Adopting a drain in your neighborhood is easy! Go to, enter your address and choose a drain near your home. Thousands of metro area residents are already signed up for this program that only recently became available in Shoreview!

How to adopt a drain
1. Sign up here:
Enter your street address to search for a storm drain
Choose your storm drain and give it a name
2. Keep your storm drain clear – Once you’ve adopted your drain, keep it clean by sweeping and raking up the debris after each rain or during leaf fall.

Adopt a Drain is a project of the City of Saint Paul, Hamline University, and Capitol Region Watershed District.

Safety comes first!
Please use caution when cleaning your drain. While we want to keep our streets and water clean, resident safety is the most important. Please use good sense and stay alert.

Thanks for caring about water in Shoreview!
City of Shoreview