Maintaining Your Ponds Maintains Your Home Values

Guy Nelson is a Shoreview resident and real estate agent. Guy understands the value of having a home on the water.  Guy states, “Homes on Kerry Lake and surrounding lakes and ponds are valuable and in demand…maintaining the pond’s natural state and beauty will maintain your home’s value”.  Nelson emphasizes we can all do our part by being aware of day to day activities that can affect the water quality and integrity.  Phosphorus is one of the most troublesome pollutants in storm runoff.  Preventing leaves, lawn clippings, animal waste and fertilizers from entering the storm sewers will decrease phosphorus in our lakes and ponds.  Phosphorus causes algae growth, ruins water clarity and deprives our fish of much needed oxygen.  “We are in a high water valuing population and having a well cared for lake or pond maximizes aesthetics, beauty, recreation and overall views and of course, value.  Not to mention that clean water attracts fish and wildlife that makes your property unique and makes it attractive and valuable.” Let’s all do our part to continue to make our neighborhood and ponds the best they can be.