Water treatment & fish stocking

The ESHA board wanted to provide two quick updates:

1) The 2nd water treatment is scheduled for this week sometime. We don’t have the exact date. Once we know the exact day, we’ll try to post on ESHA website and the neighborhood Facebook page.

2) The board restocked the fish again this last week. It was stocked with Large mouth bass, black crappies, and a hybrid sunfish. As previously noted, we had a harsh winter that killed off some of our fish. Restocking is a good way to keep our waters full of fish.

Evergreen Shores Spring Clean-up

Everyone – Sunday May 20th from noon to 4pm, we will be doing a shoreline clean-up. We are willing to help owners to clean up trees, sticks and debris. We are also looking for volunteers to help.

Sign-up form.

Interested in helping?

We could use
– truck
– trailer
– hip waders,
– chain saw,
– saw,
– brooms

All those willing to help or in need of help on their shoreline, please meet at Bucher Park Pavilion.

Sunday May 20th from Noon-4PM @ Bucher Park pavilion.

Important update about fish winterkill

Everyone – When spring finally comes and the ice clears off the water ways, we want to inform everyone of the likely winterkill of our fish. This winter has been particularly harsh; the ponds froze early and is still frozen. The cold temps and deep snow have prevented the water from getting needed oxygen for the fish to survive. We’ve sampled a few areas (see the pics below) and already see dead fish. This can seem alarming, like something is wrong with our water however it’s typical when we have a winter like this last year.

More information on winterkill can found on the DNR’s website.

We will stock fish again this year. Additionally, you can help curb future winterkill by:

1) cleaning up your yards and not letting yard waste go into the water, and

2) limit or even eliminate fertilizer put on lawns (This will help reduce the amount of nutrients and organic material that build up in the ponds, which decomposes during winter and depletes the dissolved oxygen in the ponds).

Waterway Dredging Petition

Residents of Evergreen Shores –

The board of the Evergreen Shores Homeowners Association is planning to petition the governing body to consider dredging the ponds and waterways. As the ponds have aged, the organic material has built up and our ponds are need of sediment removal. Sometime during 2008, the City of Shoreview conducted an internal study of the ponds and determined the possible next steps to dredge or remove of the accumulated sediment. The city tabled the plan. In April the board plans to ask both the City of Shoreview and the Rice Creek Watershed Commission to revisit dredging the waterways.

We are asking homeowners to sign this petition by clicking ‘I agree’. We will include the petition along with our appeal.

The online petition can be found here: WaterwayPetition

2017 Fish Stock

The ESHA board approved to allocate $1,000 again this year toward fish stocking (bluegill, crappie, perch, and bass).  Several years ago, we increased the fish stocking budget because of back to back years of severe fish winter kills.  We’ve had a few years of mild winters now, which helps limit winter kill.  The fish will also help to keep snail populations down by eating the small snails.  If you fish in our ponds, please be sure to practice catch and release.  This will help maintain healthy fish populations for all residents to enjoy fishing our ponds for years to come.  We also don’t recommend eating the fish from our ponds due to storm water runoff, and the potential for various chemicals to enter the ponds from our streets and yards.

–Jim Wilkinson, Pond Treatment Coordinator

2017 Pond Treatment Update

In 2017, the MN DNR made a decision to move to an online application process for the permits required to treat our weeds.  Because of this, the board made every effort to wrap up collections and turn in our signature forms ahead of schedule to buy us some extra time to process the permits.  The treatment company we contract with handles the permit application process on our behalf.  Due to the changes this year, there was a lot of confusion with the new on-line process between the DNR and our treatment company.  After being proactive and taking the initiative on the matter, we are happy to report we should have our permits on time, and there should not be any delay in our first scheduled treatment.  The first treatment is currently scheduled for the week of May 22nd, which is in line with prior years, depending on weather.  The second treatment is usually right around the 4th of July holiday.

–Jim Wilkinson, Pond Treatment Coordinator

2016 Annual Meeting

We will be holding our annual Homeowners Association meeting on Tuesday, April 26 at 7:30 pm.  The meeting will take place in the Shoreview Community Center in room 203.  This is your chance to learn about what is happening with the association this year.  We will be discussing finances, fish stocking, and pond treatments. We will also be looking for volunteers to help with the association and to fill the vacant board position of secretary.

We hope to see you at the meeting on April 26th.

Fish stocking


Fish stocking has taken place. This year we stocked 500 bass and 400 sun fish. These fish are 2 to 4 inches long. The fish that we stocked last year and this year should provide for good fishing in the coming years. Please remember to “catch and release” so others can enjoy fishing for fun in our ponds.


ESHA 2015 Budget

Starting Balance 11/01/2014    $ 4,653.75
Projected Deposits    $ 13,000
Projected Expenses
   Pond Treatment    $   6,600
   DNR Permits    $   1,125
   Chara Treatment    $   1,750
   Fish Stocking    $   1,000
   Communications    $     200
    Association Insurance    $     450
   Facility Rental for Annual Mtg    $       50
Total Projected Expenses    $ 11,175
Projected 2015 Surplus    $   1,825
Expected Surplus   11/2015    $  6,478.75
  • Fish stocking has been increased to $1,000 to include stocking sun fish.
  • We elected to let the surplus grow to cover increases proposed by the DNR for pond treatment rather than reduce dues this year.