Pond Pollution

Please do your part in keeping our ponds clean by making sure that fertilizer and grass clippings do not stay in the street and on the driveways where it will end in the ponds and contribute to weed growth. Please sweep excess yard treatment products and clippings back into your yard. Remember that what goes into the storm drains ends up in the ponds. Thanks for your support.

Pond Treatment

The first pond treatment is tentatively scheduled for the week of May 19th. We expect that the spraying will take place later in the week. The exact day is hard to determine more than a couple days in advance due to weather conditions. This year the permits were issued in a timely manner so we were able to schedule a May date for the first treatment. The second treatment will take place in late June or early July. We will post a second treatment date when we know it.

Road Projects

There are several road construction project scheduled for this summer that will impact Evergreen Shores homeowners.

  • Lexington Ave will be rebuilt between Co Rd F and 694. This $7.5 million project includes medians, additional turn lanes and a new sidewalk segment.
  • Three area roads are scheduled for repaving this summer. Hodgson Rd from Co Rd I to Co Rd J, Hamline Ave from Highway 96 to Co Rd F and Centerville Rd from Co Rd H2 to Co Rd J.

Have fun trying to get out of the neighborhood.

Dues Collections

Thanks to our block captains and their assistants for their hard work collecting dues and treatment form signatures. With your cooperation we met our projections. This will not only meet our expenses but allows us to build our reserves which had been depleted. We were able to collect dues from 86% of the homes on the ponds and signatures from 90% of those homeowners. Thanks to all who contributed to keep our ponds in shape and our home values up.