Important update about fish winterkill

Everyone – When spring finally comes and the ice clears off the water ways, we want to inform everyone of the likely winterkill of our fish. This winter has been particularly harsh; the ponds froze early and is still frozen. The cold temps and deep snow have prevented the water from getting needed oxygen for the fish to survive. We’ve sampled a few areas (see the pics below) and already see dead fish. This can seem alarming, like something is wrong with our water however it’s typical when we have a winter like this last year.

More information on winterkill can found on the DNR’s website.

We will stock fish again this year. Additionally, you can help curb future winterkill by:

1) cleaning up your yards and not letting yard waste go into the water, and

2) limit or even eliminate fertilizer put on lawns (This will help reduce the amount of nutrients and organic material that build up in the ponds, which decomposes during winter and depletes the dissolved oxygen in the ponds).