Pond Quality Improvements & Fall Yard Waste

Evergreen Shores Neighbors (especially those adjacent to the ponds),

The ESHA Board is currently in discussions with the City of Shoreview about conducting a formal study/survey to determine costs and next steps involved with dredging and/or other solutions to improve the quality of the ponds. We are making progress in those discussions, but we need help from all our neighbors to show that we are motivated.

This Fall season, we wanted to pass along a friendly reminder for everyone to do their part to remove leaves and other yard waste debris from your properties and adjacent gutters/storm drains. This will help to prevent it from ending up in the pond system. If you hire a landscape company, please be sure to clearly communicate with them that it is NOT okay to blow leaves into the ponds (believe it or not, we have seen this occur over the years). The buildup of organic material and nutrients (from yard waste and fertilizers) in the ponds has greatly reduced the quality of the ponds over the years.
Please contact the ESHA Board with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thank you.
ESHA Board

Leaf on water