Spring Clean-up

This spring we’re going to do more clean-up of our water ways. We really appreciate all the help last year as when we cleaned up the area around the walk bridge. This year we’re going to focus on the area connecting to Sherwood Pond. We have two dates to better accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. Please consider volunteering! These are our water ways to maintain.

Date 1: Saturday April 27th – 12pm to 4pm

Date 2: Sunday May 5th – 12pm to 4pm

Additional tools needed: Rakes, Wadders, Trailer, Saws

Use the form at this link to RSVP.

Thank you!

Proposed Cell Tower

Homeowners –

The proposed cell tower installation in Bucher Park is a very important topic for our community. As many know, the ESHA board has been pushing the city to address the quality of our water ways. We believe that the board’s efforts should continue to work with the city on the water issues. We encourage everyone to let the city know their thoughts on the cell tower, many of us on the board are also doing so as individual homeowners. If you’re interested in understanding more about the proposed tower, you can visit: https://www.shoreviewmn.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=14918. (the relevant info starts on page 49).

Thank you.
ESHA Board