Important Annual Update

Dear Evergreen Shores Homeowners – In the next few days you should receive a letter from the ESHA board. The letter will include a return envelope for the 2021 dues payment and the DNR form.

The letter covers a number of important topics:

  • 2021 dues which is $105 again this year
  • 2021 pond treatment plan and DNR form (which is required if you want your water treated)
  • 2021 Board Changes – We have two board members leaving and need to vote in 2 more. We need a Secretary and Treasurer

Please use the return envelope to send your dues and completed DNR form. Copies of both are included in the bottom of this post.

The DNR form can be a little confusing. To make things easier, I’ve created a screenshot of what needs to be completed on the form. You only need to complete the top section with your name, address, & phone # and then sign and date. There is a 2nd form on the page which can be discarded or saved for next year.