June ’22 Update – Water, Sediment removal, etc.

Everyone – 
We have been informed that Lake Restoration is really short staffed and will be treating our water the week of 6/13. We apologize as we’ve been pushing for a treatment prior to Memorial Day. 

Additionally, the channel sediment removal project is still looking like it will start in late summer / early fall. We will send more updates as we have them. 

Lastly, please do your part to keep the water clean. Part of the reason the city / county is paying for the sediment removal is that we have an active group of owners doing their part to take care of the water. A few things to remember: 

1) Remove any debris, sticks, etc. from the water

2) Try to keep your shore clean as it helps keep debris from falling into the water

3) Avoid applying fertilizer anywhere near the water as rain water will wash it into the water and feed the weeds we’re trying to control

Have a safe and fun summer on water this year!

Thanks, ESHA Board