2023 ESHA Updates

Hi Everyone –

A few weeks ago we mailed a letter with updates on the dredging, pond treatments, along with an envelope for the dues and DNR form. If you missed it, attached is a copy of the letter and DNR for for your convenience.
We’ve received a question or two on the dues. The dues are $105 / year. They fund a number of things like water treatment, fish stocking, and a number of small miscellaneous things (website, annual meeting room rental, postage, etc.). We ask all homeowners to pay their dues even if they choose not to sign the DNR form and treat their shoreline. If you do choose to treat your shoreline, we need a signed DNR form (attached) returned to us along with the dues. If you use venmo, we still need the signed DNR form. 

Please send the complete DNR form (instructions included at the end of the ESHA 2022 Communication.pdf) along with the dues to ESHA C/O Lynn Culey at 5849 Evergreen Ln, Shoreview, MN 55126

Thank you! ESHA Volunteer Board