Water treatment & Dredging update – part II

Evergreen Shores Neighbors -The ESHA board wants to share two important update.

  1. The two treatment plan from Lake Restoration has been completed for the season. The feedback has been very positive. The change to a different herbicide product has been very effective, and allowed us to treat prior to June 1. As the weeds die and turn brown, it’s important that we do our best to remove the dead plants. This will help reduce the amount of weeds and organic material in the ponds. We’re awaiting a DNR site visit over the next month to determine the amount of water lilies that can be treated for the August (one time) treatment specifically for this plant. Please note that it’s important for everyone to have their docks/watercraft visible and in good shape for the DNR site visit to demonstrate how we use the water as “recreation”. This is our best case to receive permit approval to treat water lilies.
  2. Regarding the upcoming channel sediment removal (dredging) project, the channels were surveyed by an engineering firm, and the approximate amount of sediment to be removed was identified in the specified areas. The next steps are to have an environmental engineering firm collect and test sediment samples per MPCA standards, and start the process with the DNR for permitting. The city of Shoreview plans to get that process going by the last week in July. We’re still hopeful for a dredging project to begin as early as this Fall. Rest assured, the ESHA Board is doing everything they can to keep the process moving forward.

Thanks for all of the support and positive feedback this year. We greatly appreciate those neighbors we’ve seen actively cleaning and maintaining their shorelines. Don’t forget to clean the street gutters and storm drains too so we keep that debris out of the ponds!

ESHA Board